Defining the Marketing Funnel

The fundamentals of the marketing funnel have remained consistent since the 1900s. However, there is no universally accepted model among all companies. Some opt for simplicity and use the "TOFU-MOFU-BOFU" strategy, which divides the funnel into distinct elements: Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel, and Bottom of Funnel.

On the other hand, some companies believe in enhancing their marketing strategy by incorporating additional stages like "loyalty" and "advocacy" into the funnel. These additional stages aim to nurture customer loyalty and turn satisfied customers into enthusiastic brand advocates.

Unique experiences to drive engagement

Awareness: Branded content strategies engage audiences and foster openness for future interactions.

Consideration: Brand advocates and social proof aid customers in comparing you with competitors.

Conversion: A streamlined purchasing process minimizes the risk of buying.
Loyalty: Implementing a loyalty program with regular discounts, email interactions, and social media engagement retains customers
Advocacy: Supportive individuals within your loyalty program become advocates for your future marketing efforts.